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Tracey Griggs

“Inspiration” I am inspired by my surroundings

Nature plays a big part.  I always take into consideration what is on the outside.  

I was asked by a client to create an external colour scheme for their new home. The house was surrounded by the bush whilst looking out over the sea. We wanted this house to belong there, so I chose colours for my client that enabled me to achieve this.  


Spring time is my favourite time of the year. To me, it’s the time of the year when everything comes back to life and true colours are formed.


I start each decorating project with a single goal in mind – to supersede client expectations.

“Getting to know my clients is always the first step. Once I find out what they want, I develop a plan that incorporates all my client requirements, in ways that are both functional and stylish. If I can’t design something my clients wouldn’t have thought of on their own, then I’m failing as a designer.



To offer a professional, and personalised decorating service to people who want to create a space and style as individual and unique as they are. Deliver beautiful design solutions that exceed my clients’ expectations. Whilst working as a team with my clients, contractors and suppliers.




  • Certificate IV Interior Decorating and Design Services

  • Best in the Business – Australian House & Garden

  • Environmental Sustainability Award 2015

  • Houzz 2019 Rated top 3 Designers